Revolution Stick Foundation: Review

Well hello there!

I realise I’ve been gone for many-a-month…

A combination of being unemployed and generally feeling rubbish made me fall out of love with makeup for a while. I couldn’t buy the stuff I wanted to test and I didn’t really see the point anymore. I’m still not able to buy everything I want, but I’ve missed writing and thought I’d come and say hi to this little corner of my world – so hey, hi, hello!

I was running low on foundation recently and didn’t want to spend upwards of £20 on my usual MAC Studio Fix Fluid, so I picked up the Revolution stick foundation.

I’m sure by now everyone and their mum has heard about Makeup Revolution and how they’re re-branding, becoming just “Revolution” etc. Well.
Honestly, I didn’t expect a change in product quality; I just thought the packaging was changing and little things like that. WELL.

I was wrong.

First Impressions

Stick foundations are so convenient! They’re small, light and really fast to apply.
I love that the packaging is like one big lipstick:

You get 6.2g of product for £5. Definitely affordable and long lasting as you only need around 10 swipes to cover your face.


I usually apply this with the Real Techniques sponge, though I find it difficult to blend with just a dabbing motion – you have to pull the product around a fair bit first. I personally prefer applying all foundations with a damp sponge, because psychologically I feel like the chances of it grabbing at dry patches are lower and I tend to get a more even, natural, less cakey result.

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I’d say this foundation produces a light to medium coverage. It’s buildable, but I personally like to keep it thin for that more natural finish. Using a brush automatically gives a fuller coverage, but not necessarily longer wear in my experience.


My face does feel a bit greasy once the foundation is on but after powdering and proper setting, it’s definitely bearable.
I expected a greasy feeling foundation to slip off my face in no time, but this? This has amazing staying power. It can quite easily last a whole day (unless heavy sweating is involved but even then, it holds up surprisingly well). I’m more inclined to reach for this when it’s below 25 degrees outside, because my face is naturally greasier in hotter weather without any added extras! …but I know without a doubt it will be my go-to in the autumn/winter months.


I haven’t noticed any crazy oxidising with this product, and the shade range is insane for the drugstore.
It took me a while to decide which shade would be best for me, but I eventually settled on F7. Shopping online, there is a small guide in the product description:

F1 – For fair skin tones with neutral undertone
F2 – For fair skin tones with yellow undertone
F3 – For fair skin tones with pink undertone
F4 – For light skin tones with neutral undertone
F5 – For light skin tones with pink undertone
F6 – For light/medium skin tones with yellow undertone
F7 – For medium skin tones with peach undertone
F8 – For medium skin tones with yellow undertone
F9 – For medium skin tones with a peach undertone
F10- For medium skin tones with a golden undertone
F11 – For medium/dark skin tones with a beige undertone
F12 – For medium/dark skin tones with a neutral undertone
F13 – For dark skin tones with a warm undertone
F14 – for dark skin tones with a cool undertone
F15 – for dark skin tones with a neutral undertone
F16 – for dark skin tones with a warm undertone
F17 – for dark skin tones with a neutral undertone
F18 – for dark skin tones with a warm undertone

I usually have more a neutral-yellow undertone, but am currently quite tanned. F7 is nowhere near as peach-toned as many brands out there anyway, which I appreciate, but I will definitely need a lighter shade when my tan disappears.

The Verdict

I am in love with this foundation. I have quite dry, stubborn skin and of all the foundations I’ve tried, this clings the least to dry patches. I’m trying to get used to lower coverage foundations, as they’re more appropriate for my skin type and I’m not a fan of the cakey look. It’s okay for some imperfections to show.

For reference, my boyfriend (who knows nothing about makeup and generally doesn’t notice when I switch up my products) commented:
“You don’t really look like you’re wearing makeup. Usually your face looks very powdery, but now it just looks normal.”

Fresh application on a hot day…
End of a hot, sweaty, 8-9ish hour day. Considering the annotations, I don’t look like too much of an oil slick & not entirely bare faced (trust me, you’d know if I was). That’s a win in my books! The more pink tone is me being extremely warm under a thin layer of makeup.

A solid 4/5 for the Revolution stick foundation. A point down for the greasy feeling on application and that extra grease not working amazingly with my combination skin, making it more of a seasonal product for me; but I recon this would be a fantastic product for people with dry skin (less on the combination side and I would guess not so much on the oily side either). At £5, in travel-friendly packaging and with longevity, I have no real complaints. Roll on Autumn!

Is anyone else loving where the Revolution brand is going?! There are so many other products I want to try.

On a side note: I know that many people will only use cruelty free products.
On the sticker beneath the barcode, there is a logo specifying that Revolution are a cruelty free and vegan brand.

Have you tried the Revolution stick foundation? Do you want to?

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