Christmas Gifting

Hey guys!

Below is a list of things I’m giving friends and family for Christmas this year. Perhaps someone can find something useful here for upcoming birthdays or Christmas next year – almost everything on this list is under £20; several items under £10.

Beauty Drawers & Cotton Pad Holder – Primark
I have 3 of the drawers myself – they’re really handy for storing smaller beauty products and extra convenient because they stack.
I also have a cotton pad holder and think it’s a really sleek, inexpensive way to store cotton pads instead of keeping them in their noisy bags.

PJs – Primark
Because PJs. Because cosy. Primark PJs really aren’t too shabby… This always surprises people.

Anker Power Bank – Amazon
A portable charger for your electricals on the go? Game changer. I thought this was perfect for my friend that is always running out of phone battery really quickly.

Pukka Cleanse Tea – Any Supermarket
Cheeky stocking filler. I recommend this tea to everyone. It’s so relaxing… (No one has disagreed so far!)

Curved Nail Scissors – Boots
Another cheeky stocking filler.. To better apply jams! (What are jams?)

Peppermint Foot Scrub – The Body Shop
Simply because this is a pot of magic for anyone that spends a lot of time on their feet.

Teapigs Pick’n’Mix (12)
Earlier this year my dad and I decided to try different teas together, so this seemed like the perfect gift. Impressively, you can choose your own 12 tea flavours and you get 2 teabags of each. I love the quality of Teapigs tea.

Cartier Baiser Volé Perfume – The Fragrance Shop
My mum recently got a sample of this and loved it, so I thought an actual bottle wouldn’t go amiss.

Sushi Set – Tiger
For the biggest sushi lover I know: 2 cute little dishes, chopsticks and a chopstick stand.

For Children…

I find children really hard to shop for! Either they’re at that awkward age where they aren’t interested in receiving clothes, they have everything they need/want or they want things I can’t afford. Or just a combination of those things.
My attempt this year:

White dress (7 year old) – Primark
7 is a good age for girl shopping and clothes are more appreciated! I’ve been told white is her favourite colour, so I’m hoping this goes down well.

Fleece PJs: Minnie Mouse & Thumper (5 & 2 year old) – Primark
2 or 62, who doesn’t like receiving PJs…?

Screwball scramble (8 year old) – Amazon
Well apparently this was on the Christmas list, boom.

Star Wars Lego (6 year old) – Amazon
Lego, the bane of every parent’s life, I think! Always goes down a treat for little boys though.

Gas Out (6 & 7 year old) – Amazon
For a pair of kids that are endlessly amused by fart noises and generally anything poo/fart related. Simple enough luck based game – I’d totally get involved, it looks like a laugh.

Truthfully, I still have a few kiddy bits to grab (I have 1 week)… but I’m stumped. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to drop a comment 🙂

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